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Q: What is the Big Game Academy, and how do you contribute to it?

A: I am the Founder and Performance Coach at the Big Game Academy, where I help athletes sharpen their winning formula to perform under pressure, for greater success on and off the field.

Q: How did you come to develop the "How To Bring Your Big Game" Method?

A: Throughout my three decades of experience coaching thousands of clients face-to-face, I've come to understand that we can either be our own best friend or our worst enemy. Success lies in defining our unique winning formula and allowing ourselves to excel by getting out of our own way. This might seem unconventional, but it aligns with the workings of the mind, with 95% of success being driven by the unconscious.

Q: Can you share a personal experience that influenced your coaching philosophy?

A: I first recognized this mindset misalignment during my early years of ski coaching and experienced it personally when I took up ski racing in my mid-30s. While I assisted my ski clients in aligning their mindsets and building their winning formulas, in ski racing, I had to navigate this process alone, competing in Australia while my coach was in Colorado.

Q: What led to the creation of the How To Bring Your Big Game Method and Cheat Sheet Guide?

A: I had to figure out how to align my conflicting mindsets and losing formula (get out of my own way) on race day and find a way to turn that around to perform at my best. It took several years of ski racing to unravel the complexities because much of this happens at the unconscious level, it took several more years after ski racing to fully comprehend and articulate the method.

Q: How does your coaching philosophy empower clients?

A: Teaching and empowering clients how to identify and execute their unique winning formula by getting out of their own way is the approach that resonates with me. My goal is for clients to be in full control of their success on and off the field so they eventually don't need me! Unless they need additional support or find extra value in reaching the next level.

This coaching philosophy, successful in my ski business, is now integral to the Big Game Academy.

Q: Why do you share your mindset and personal performance insights for free?

A: I believe in the power of accessible knowledge. Just as I've benefited from free content on platforms like YouTube, I aim to contribute valuable insights that can propel individuals to the next level. This approach is designed to cater to the majority, approximately 95%, who will be happy consuming my free content. For the remaining 5%, the athletes and high achievers looking to take things to a new level (fast), I'm committed to delivering such high-quality free content that it sparks curiosity about the additional benefits they could gain from my paid programs. Whether it's through my upcoming book (launching in 2024), group coaching, or one-on-one sessions.

Q: Why should people consider working more closely with you?

A: Over the years, I dedicated myself to unraveling the complexities of my unconscious mind, figuring out how it both fueled and hindered my progress. Through this journey, I not only discovered my own winning formula but also transformed the entire process into a teachable method. This method empowers anyone to follow the steps and achieve remarkable feats. Looking back, I recognize that if I had the insights I now possess when I started ski racing, I could have bypassed years of struggle. While I openly share the mechanics of success and unveil the hidden engine room behind it all, successfully navigating this journey requires seizing control and steering through challenges—especially those arising from the unconscious mind and conflicting mindsets. This is where a coach and mentor come in—someone who has not only weathered challenges and refined their skills over the years but also has a fresh set of eyes and ears. Working closely with such an individual can fast-track your journey toward peak performance.

Q: What is the next step?

A: Schedule a Big Game Strategy Session to determine which programs and team or one-on-one training would best suit your needs. Armed with all the relevant information, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and preferences.

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Peter Stone (Stoney)

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