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If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't You're Right

When I started ski racing, I believed that hard work alone would bring out my Big Game.

However, I soon learned that our brains are instinctively wired to unconsciously seek comfort over success. And that your level of success is largely pre-determined by your unconscious mind's pre-programming of what it perceives is possible for you.

Ski racing taught me I had some unwanted pre-programming at the unconscious level that was preventing my Big Game from showing up. At least now I knew why I was getting unwanted mixed results!

Out of necessity, I developed the Big Game Method which is an easy-to-follow process to take control of the unconscious things that were holding me back, to increase my chances of success.

In other words, I developed a step-by-step system to 'get out of my own way' by identifying and removing these roadblocks at the unconscious level.

The Method worked even better than expected, I was able to perform in the zone and a flow state and win my very next race. I reveal how you can do this too in my first book, out later this year.


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The Middle Step Is Where The Magic Lies!

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Get Clear

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