Unlock Your Inner Champion: Introducing The Inner Game - The First Game To Master - To Unlock Your Big Game

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.” Henry Ford.

The Inner Game is the first game that holds immense power over your performance and success. A complex interplay between the unconscious and conscious realms, the Inner Game shapes one's behavior and experiences through the unyielding influence of thoughts, self-talk, and advice. An archaic safety mechanism rooted in two million years of evolution, the Inner Game operates 24/7 365 within the confines of the unconscious mind's perceived comfort zones.

But the question remains, does the Inner Game truly serve us or is it our worst enemy? To grasp the intricacies of the Inner Game, one must first understand that their brain functions as a supercomputer, endlessly asking and answering questions to craft the fabric of reality, mostly at the unconscious level. This is the source of the Inner Game's might.

However, the pre-programming of the Inner Game is established in childhood and is based on our values, beliefs, and perceived capabilities. As we grow into adults, these unconscious programs drive our performance across every aspect of life, and it takes conscious effort to update them. This is where the Inner Game can become a hindrance or a boost, depending on the alignment of our goals with our perceived comfort zones.

If our goals lie within our comfort zones, the Inner Game becomes a powerful ally, unlocking our best performances. But if our goals reside outside of these comfort zones, our Inner Game will act as a hindrance, constantly trying to keep us safe and comfortable, even if it means sabotaging our success and happiness. This is why up to 95% of our performance can be driven by the childhood programming of the Inner Game, leaving us with limited resources from the Winner Game and Big Game to perform at an elite level.

Ultimately, the success of the Inner Game is contingent upon the alignment of one's goals with their perceived comfort zones. When the desired outcome aligns with our self-perception and perceived capabilities, we access the full range of our Winner Game and Big Game, with a minimum of self-sabotage. But when the outcome lies outside our comfort zones, our Inner Game defaults to safety, limiting our performance and leading to self-sabotage.

A classic example of the Inner Game's influence is the phenomenon of "tightening up" in sports. A player who has been performing at their best may suddenly falter, losing the precision and power of their shots, as their Inner Game, driven by childhood programming, tries to keep them safe within their comfort zones. This shift is often picked up by opponents and can lead to their victory.

In conclusion, the Inner Game is the first and foremost game to master for anyone seeking to control their performance and success. An understanding of its intricacies and the power it holds is key to unlocking the full potential of the Winner Game and Big Game.

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