Unlock Your Inner Champion: Introducing The Two Hidden Games That Unlock Your Big Game

Amidst the influx of AI-generated generic coaching advice, I am compelled to divulge the secrets I have unlocked from three decades of coaching and share my knowledge with you. The "Big Game" is the epitome of peak performance and the ultimate level of achievement for athletes and high-achievers. However, attaining the Big Game is no simple feat, as it encompasses mastery of both physical training and the Inner and Winner Games.

Your Inner Game is the unconscious realm of thoughts and beliefs that shape your perception of your capabilities, with 95% of this taking place at an unconscious level, steeped in childhood-formed maps of the world and beliefs. On the other hand, the Winner Game is the ability to take control of these thoughts, eliminate obstacles, and overcome limiting beliefs. By conquering your Inner Game with the Winner Game you begin to unlock your full potential, and unleash your Big Game.

The first step towards this realization is to delve deep into the unconscious and understand the Inner Game, with the aid of a Big Game Coach. In the subsequent step, you must take control of the Inner Game and actively eliminate obstacles that hamper success. This requires expanding your comfort zone, which often serves as a roadblock for success, and learning new skills, setting new goals, or shifting perspectives to include your desired outcome.

Finally, in order to reach your Big Game, you must trust in your mastery of the Winner Game, letting go of fears, doubts, and negative thoughts, and focusing on the present moment. Trusting in your preparation, visualizing success, and avoiding overthinking and overanalysis are key components of unleashing your Big Game. Embrace confidence and determination, and tap into your inner potential to perform at the highest level.

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