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I Want This

To: All My Friends Who Are Athletes, Coaches, or High Achievers
From: Peter Stone, Coach Stoney

Hey There,

This is the program I used to simplify the process of achieving great success called the Big Game Wingman Method which anyone can master.

If you are looking to take things to another level, turn things around, or capitalize on a second chance...

If you have something meaningful you want to achieve...

If you are ready to take control of things and scale your success...

Or if you're tired of inconsistent results and you know you have more to give...

... I can show you how I used this method to sharpen my mental game to win big ski races and the cool part is this method is 100% transferable to anything you want to achieve.

Today I'd like to give you the opportunity to learn about the Big Game Wingman Method which is the 1st thing to master before you go after anything else.

Let's get started by discussing:

What is the Point of this Program?

Here is the reality of this self-coaching method:

  • As a rookie ski racer, I was getting inconsistent results plus I wanted to maximize my second chance after returning from injury.
  • I needed a method to figure out what I was capable of, who could help me, and what my winning formula was.
  • I also needed a way to determine when I was on or off track.
  • As I gained success, I realized I didn't have the full picture, something deeper was still missing.
  • As the stakes got higher, I needed a system to remain, calm, focused, and in the zone.
  • I needed a system where I could channel my Big Game - instead of having my Small Game show up and get in my way.
  • It took me 7 seasons (years!!) of trial and error until I finally discovered the hidden unconscious Inner Game you need to master to hack your unconscious to allow you sustained success.

Today it's about turning my Inner Game into my Winner Game and achieving predictable 'winning' results, and it's kind of boring... in a good way.

If you'd like me to help you create this type of predictable success in your world and...

  • You're an athlete, coach, or high performer looking to step up their game...
  • You have genuine goals of scaling your success...
  • You understand the window is finite and you want to extract everything you possibly can sooner rather than later...
  • You understand there are no second chances when how have to make the shot or deliver the goods...
  • You know you have what it takes but for some reason, you just aren't showing it...
  • You want to be able to channel your Big Game and be in the zone on demand...
  • You're ready to show the world what you're really made of...
  • And you'd like to have all of this run on autopilot...

...I can help.

I've put together the SIX key elements to master into a 6-week done-with-you group coaching program called the Big Game Wingman 6-Week Challenge.

The program includes live lessons from me, templates, and worksheets...

...and weekly guidance to help you implement my Big Game Wingman System into your personal and professional life.

Here's a Closer Look at What the Big Game Wingman Method 6-Week Challenge Program is About

The concept behind the program is simple:

I'd like to give you access to the lessons I've learned, the strategies I've used, and the exact guidelines I follow to help my clients:

  • Get a crystal clear vision of what they want...
  • Build their winning formula...
  • Uncover any hidden 'stuff' in the way of what they want...
  • Overcome the hidden stuff standing in the way of their success...
  • Stay on track
  • And become the Big Game performer they were born to be

I'd like to give you direct access to everything I've used to scale my clients' success

I'd also like to give you access to everything I am currently using to continue to scale my clients' success

Where Does this Advice Come From?

The first part is 15 seasons of ski coaching over 5,000 group and individual clients face-to-face across North America and Australia.

I was privileged to work and learn from my highly successful clients which included billionaires, Hollywood Produces, CEOs, and athletes of all abilities.

My daily job description was to help them get out of their own way and improve levels.

Without even realizing it, I would help them channel their Big Game by overcoming any Small Games roadblocks.

This was easy for me to do. I couldn't even tell you exactly what I was doing at the time. As I did this instinctively. All I knew was as their coach I was helping them get out of their own way to fast-track their progress.

However, things got interesting when I took up ski racing in my mid 30's because things got very real very fast and I needed to find a method to self-coach myself - so I could get out of my own wayfor greater success.

After several seasons of progress, my results stalled. I had reached a plateau, where I was able to podium but not able to win.

Something was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it.

It wasn't until a fellow coach asked me a couple of simple questions did I finally figure out exactly what was going on, what I needed to do about it, and how to have my Big Game show up on demand.

I decided to deploy all that I knew to ensure my Big Game showed up at my very next race.

I did everything the same but differently, as I finally had control over my Inner & Winner Games.

The result was mindblowing. I delivered the performance of my life, and I hadn't even had the chance to do any training. My results jumped levels, virtually overnight. I went on to win my first big ski race and take home a $10,000 trophy.

And overnight success, several seasons in the making!

But I was even more excited about what I had learned about myself, and what I was going to be able to share with my clients moving forward, so they have the opportunity to experience similar results.

I’d Like to Help You Avoid the Mistake that Holds Back Most Athletes, Coaches, and High Achievers From Brining Their Big Game

Here's the mistake: It's not about what you are capable of, but it's all about what your mind perceives you are capable of at the unconscious level.

Here is a video that explains what I mean...

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“Can I Hear from People Who Followed this Program Before?”

I’m sure you want to hear what a few of the people in this program have said before you jump in.

Jill Tan
Muay Thai Fighter
1st Rookie Fight

Hi, I'm Jill Tan, and I participated in the 6-week Big Game Wingman Method program before my first Muay Thai fight.

With the help of Coach Stoney and the program, we worked on embracing uncertainty, finding my comfort zone, and giving myself permission to hit as hard as possible. Although I lost my first fight, I fought a tremendous fight and was thrilled with how things went.

After the program, I didn't need Coach Stoney for my next fight, as I had everything I needed from the program. With the Big Game Wingman Method, I was able to triumph in my next fight and achieve my end step with my hand raised at the end of the fight.

Thank you, Coach!

Ian (Ruffy) Ruff
Olympic Bronze Medalist
Canberra, Australia

Peter is the kind of coach that thinks before he speaks and is always 100% present for his clients.

We’ve had a lot of fun pushing boundaries and creating programs designed to bring out the very best opportunity for success.

What I especially like about Peter’s coaching is he has massive amounts of patience so you get to continue to focus on mastering what it is you want before moving on. 

I’d recommend Peter as the guy who’ll bend over backwards to help you get it done, whatever that may be for you.

Jim Mutch
Age Group Champion
Masters Ski Racer

Nearly all coaches are positive thinkers. They have to be to survive. The trouble with some coaches is that they fail to enable their clients to distinguish between Positive Thinking and Wishful Thinking.

Peter, what I value about your coaching style is that you clearly make that distinction.

In addition, your prioritising of focus, your penetrating analysis of problems and your incremental step by step approach to solving them leads directly and inevitably to noticeable improvement and eventually to success. It certainly does for me and I am aware of others whose success whose successes can be largely be attributed to applying these principles which you articulate so eloquently.

What’s Included in the Big Game Wingman Method 6-Week Program?

There are SIX core “stages” inside of the Big Game Mindset Wingman 6-Week Challenge Program.

STAGE 1: Big Game vrs Small Game - This involves a walk-through overview of the whole system. Be prepared for your mind to be blown, and we'll make a start where you'll select your ideal outcome and set up your formula for success.

STAGE 2: The Inner Game - This is where you'll learn all about the five levels of the Inner Game - the game within a game that runs 24/7 365 that's pre-programmed to choose comfort above everything else, even at the expense of success and happiness.

STAGE 3: The Big Game Mindset - Taking control of the Inner Game requires a Big Game Mindset. Here is where the rubber meets the road and you'll learn how to question your way to a new level of success.

STAGE 4: Winning Nature - Clarity, clarity, and more clarity. It's time to go deeply into exactly want you want and how to make it happen, and how to spot the traps to watch out for.

STAGE 5: Big Game Performance - A new beginning. This is where you'll fully understand how to elevate your game and get to extract and demand your personal best performances show up when you want.

STAGE 6: Big Game Performer - How do we take the last five weeks and build on all that has been achieved? This is where you explore who you need to be, how to stay on track, how to have fun with this, and have everything run on autopilot.

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Lessons in this Program

Inside the program, you’ll get access to…

  • Core Lessons for Each Stage of the Program delivered by me
  • Worksheets, Downloads, and Templates for Rapid Implementation
  • Guided Over-the-Shoulder sessions
  • The Exact Strategies I Use to Scale Clients' Success
  • The Exact Methodology I Follow When Clients Like Elite Athletes, Billionaires, and CEOs, Come to Me and Ask for Support in Reaching Their Goals

And much, much more!

What If There Were No Limits?

All I can say is when you learn to take control and learn how to reprogram your unconscious mind's pre-programming - there is no limit to what becomes possible. Here is a selection of things clients say they experience after mastering the Big Game Mindset Method...

Self-Coach Your Way to Success with The Big Game Wingman Method

The Big Game Wingman Method empowers you to self-coach and guide yourself towards success without the need for endless coaching programs.

  • Gain independence and self-reliance by learning how to coach yourself towards your Big Game.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for endless coaching programs.
  • Develop self-awareness and self-mastery through the process of self-coaching.
  • Build resilience and adaptability by learning how to overcome obstacles and setbacks on your own.
  • Customize your coaching to your unique needs and preferences.
  • Achieve a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction by taking ownership of your personal and professional growth.

Identify and Reprogram Any Unconscious Things In The Way Of Your Success

The Big Game Wingman Method helps you identify and reprogram any unconscious things that are holding you back from achieving your Big Game.

  • Release negative self-talk and self-doubt that can cause self-sabotage.
  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Overcome fear and unconscious things in your way that have been blocking your success.
  • Create new empowering beliefs that align with your Big Game and support your success.

Develop a Growth Mindset for Continuous Improvement

The Big Game Wingman Method helps you develop a growth mindset that enables you to expand your comfort zone and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

  • Adopt a positive and optimistic mindset that fosters resilience and perseverance.
  • Embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Develop a sense of purpose and direction that aligns with your Big Game.
  • Establish new habits and routines that support your goals and stay on track so you achieve them.

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